Webcam Vosecká bouda | Krkonoše | 1250 m n.m.

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Vosecká bouda is located in the western part of the Krkonoše Mountains in the first zone of the Krkonoše National Park at an altitude of 1260 m above sea level, approx. 8 km from Harrachov.

In the webcam image of Vosecká you can see the access road to Vosecká bouda. You can get to Vosecká bouda by your own car.
On the horizon in front of you you can also see Plešivec and Zadní Plech.

Webcam Vosecká bouda | Giant Mountains 1250 m above sea level

Vosecká bouda was founded before 1743 as a hayloft. Around 1790, it served as a shelter for lumberjacks and farm buildings. It was called Česká nová or Františkánská, according to the monk who lived here. It got the name "Vosecká" after the meadow on which it stands.

It has been used for tourist purposes since 1896 and was rebuilt and expanded in 1900. It got its current form by reconstruction after the end of the Second World War.

As one of the few ridge huts, it was never hit by fire. Its other rarity is the absence of electricity, the necessary energy is produced by a diesel generator.

The access road from Harrachov, 8 km long, leads around the Mumlava waterfalls and through the valley of the Mumlava river to Krakonoš breakfast, where it turns north and continues through the forest to the hut.

In winter, this path turns into a ski highway, which can only be traveled on cross-country skis. About three km to the east, on the Labe meadow, springs the source of our largest river, the Labe.


Today, Vosecká bouda serves as a tourist hostel with a capacity of 42 beds. It offers accommodation in two to twelve-bed rooms. Toilets, washrooms and showers are shared in the hallway.

Due to the actual production of electricity from 10 pm in the rooms, corridors and sanitary facilities, only emergency lighting is on.

We believe that your visit will honor this unique mountain hut with its own beautiful history.

Come visit us!

Webcam Vosecká bouda has its location HERE at this place.

The link to this online webcam at Vosecká bouda was provided by and Vosecká bouda. Many thanks to them for a nice cooperation!

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