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Ice climbing - ice wall

An interesting type of winter sport - ice climbing - is gaining more and more popularity. Also in Špindlerův Mlýn you have the opportunity to use this activity on the ice wall.

An interesting type of winter sport - ice climbing - is gaining more and more popularity. There are not many quality places for ice climbing in our country, yet we have some in Špindlerův Mlýn and we will look at them.


The very popular natural ice wall is located in Labský důl in the protected zone of the Krkonoše National Park, and you will need a permit and registration to visit the icefall. You can create a registration online HERE. Registration is used to reserve a place for the selected day, it is free and non-transferable to other persons. Registration can be done 14 days in advance from the current date.

The ice wall is located at the end of the Buď Fit road in the Labský důl near Špindlerův Mlýn. As it is the only location and also in the heart of the national park, this activity is limited. The daily number of users is limited to 16 people due to the small area of ​​the icefall and maintaining a reasonable use of the site, which will also remain in its natural character, ie without any landscaping. The climbing area consists of about 20 m high rock, which is located in Labský důl on the right bank of the river Lsbe at the end of the groomed cross-country trail Be fit (blue sign leading from Špindlerův Mlýn to Labský důl). The ice wall in the Labe mine is covered by an icefall with a thickness of several cm to tens of cm. The area of ​​the climbing sector varies according to the current thickness of the ice.

As the icefall is located in the 2nd zone and in close proximity to the 1st zone of the KRNAP, there is no interest in any forcible modification of the access or area under the icefall. Please note that there is no pub near the icefall and there is no cottage near the icefall. If possible, go to the toilet before crossing the Labe.

The unforested area under the rock is used for grouping and storing material - it is usually marked with colored streamers.
You are in KRNAP, please stay inside this sector, do not noise, do not damage woody plants, do not leave rubbish or cigarette butts!

Ledolezení - ledová stěna Labský důl

How will I get there?
You can use the bus to Dívčí lávky (line Špindlerův Mlýn - Špindlerovka), or leave your car in one of the parking lots in Špindlerův Mlýn.
From the information center of the KRNAP Administration, where you can pick up a permit, you will cross the bridge over the Labe to the Labe mine. You can also make a reservation conveniently online - HERE

Then continue along the cross-country trail Be fit (blue sign) for about 4 km in the direction of Labská bouda. The path consists of a modified cross-country track. Please use to move skis or snowshoes. If you still walk, walk along the edge of the road and do not destroy the trail. At the end of the Be fit route (modified section) it is necessary to cross the river Labe. A stretched steel rope can be used for this purpose at your own risk. An untreated access path leads to the rock through loose forest stands (approx. 200 m). In the field, it is marked with colored streamers, but it may be more difficult to orientate due to certain interactions of climatic factors. However, keep to the access path and do not walk new paths.

All other rules for ice climbing in the Labský důl can be found HERE.

The icefall in Labské důl is not intended for those who just want to try climbing with "hoes" without professional supervision. For these, we recommend the use of rather artificial ice walls in the Krkonoše huts or in other localities.



Winter climbing activity is permitted by the KRNAP administration in Labský důl until 2025.

Ice wall - Labský důl - it is good to know:

  • The icefall is located in the 2nd zone and in close proximity to the 1st zone of the KRNAP
  • When visiting the Labský důl icefall, you need registration and permission online HERE
  • The KRNAP administration does not provide technical measures for the safety of climbers.
  • You run climbing activities in the Labský dol only at your own risk.
  • Each person is responsible for persons under the age of fifteen who are registered with him.
  • On the way to the icefall, you follow a cross-country ski trail. Don't destroy the cross-country trail!
  • In case of an accident, call the Mountain Service ( 420) 1210
  • Follow the rules and orders of KRNAP administration
  • The daily number of users of the Labský důl ice wall is limited to 16 people.
  • Ice climbing is only possible with a sufficient amount of snow (minimum 30 cm) and a sufficient layer of ice.
  • Climbing is possible daily from 8 am to 5 pm.
  • Climbing is only possible in ice. Drytooling or mixed climbing is NOT allowed due to possible rock damage.
  • The icefall is not equipped with a fixed protection.
  • All rules for ice climbing in the Elbe mine can be found HERE.


Other artificial ice walls in Špindlerův Mlýn and in the Giant Mountains




Ice climbing - ice wall
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