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Mountain bike rental

Yellow Point - Svatoperská 125, Špindlerův Mlýn (543 51) Yellow Point - Svatoperská 125, Špindlerův Mlýn (543 51)

Get to know the Giant Mountains from the saddle of mountain bikes!

Yellow Point - Špindlerův Mlýn offers you a rental of high quality Maxbike mountain bikes.

Stop during your visit to Špindlerův Mlýn in the city center at the Yellow Point mountain bike rental.

Professional service and quality Maxbike mountain bikes await you.

Enjoy the Giant Mountains alone or with your family from the saddle of a mountain bike while riding on bike paths of various levels of difficulty.
We are here for you every day from 8:30 - 17: 00h.

Price list for mountain bike rental:

Mountain bike for adults 350 CZK / 250 CZK 1 day / half day, helmet free

Mountain bike for children
250 CZK / 190 CZK 1 day / half day, helmet free
Baby stroller, sofa 250 CZK / 190 CZK 1 day / half day

Good to know:
Before you go on a hike, find out in advance whether mountain biking is allowed at your destination, as you are in the Krkonoše National Park. E.g. destinations Pramen Labe, Sněžka etc. are not possible, resp. with restriction.
They will give you exact information and a map in the Yellow Point office or in the nearby Š Information Center. Don't underestimate this.

We wish you beautiful mountain bike trips around Špindlerův Mlýn and the entire Giant Mountains.

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Reasons why ŠPINDL info recommends this service:

What are we giving a thumbs up for?
  • Enjoy the surroundings of Špindl and the Giant Mountains from the saddle of a mountain bike.
  • An amazing experience you should not miss!
  • Great trips of varying difficulty.

Information you might find useful:

Interesting facts, prices, practical information
  • Find out pre-enabled bike routes. They are strictly forbidden somewhere!
  • It is not possible to cycle to the Elbe Spring or Sněžka.
  • In case of an accident, save the contact to the Hot Service +420 1210.

What next should you not miss?

Other interesting information
  • At the ŠPINDL info information center, we will be happy to advise you on unique mountain bike trips.
  • Always ride with a helmet and be considerate of other visitors.
  • Pay attention to nature protection. Thank you!

Contact information:

Direct contact

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