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The STOH webcam is located at the upper station of the STOH Ski Resort - Svatý Petr.  


What do you see on the image of webcam Stoh?

On the left side of the webcam image STOH part of Mechovince, below which is part of Špindlerův Mlýn - Bedřichov. The lower ridge continues to Horní Mísečky, where there is a ski and cross-country ski resort Horní Mísečky . The long ridge from Mísečky continues to the top of Medvědín, where our webcam Medvědín is.

Behind the top of Medvědín stretches the Golden Hill and the highest peak on the left side is Kotel (1435 m above sea level).

Towards the right side from the Kotel you can see the edge of the Elbe Mine, where you can find the Pančavský Waterfall, the Elbe Hut and also the Elbe Spring - here you have a SECRET TIP for a trip to the Elbe Spring.

On the horizon of the long ridge you can see the Violik and then the Snow Pits. The highest peak in the webcam picture is Vysoké kolo (1509 m above sea level) The peak to the right of Vysoké kolo is called Velký Šišák with an altitude of 1410 m.

Right in front of you in the middle of the picture you can see the wide slopes of the Medvědín Ski Resort. On the left side, below Medvedin, you can see the landmark of the luxurious and very popular Harmony Club Hotel. 

Our other partner webcams, which are located on the opposite slopes and ridges of the Giant Mountains. 
The first webcam is located on the upper station of Medvedin - here, another webcam that has a direct view of the stack is also the webcam of Brádlerova bouda - here. The next webcam is a view of the Wellness Hotel Olympia below Stoh - here.

See how these webcams "see" each other.

Below the Stack lies the romantic St. Peter's Valley.

To name a few of the hotels you can see from the left: Hotel Zátiší, Wellness Hotel Olympia, OREA Hotel Horal.

Directly below the ski slope you can find the Hotel Resort Martin & Kristýna or the family-run Pension u Šrenků.

Svatý Petr in Špindlerův Mlýn is a very popular address for your holiday!

... and don't forget... 

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The STOH webcam is located HERE at this location.

Webcam Stoh has a reload image every minute.

Thanks to Melida for kindly allowing us to place the STOH webcam on this great site.

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