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Bedřichov 17, Špindlerův Mlýn Bedřichov 17, Špindlerův Mlýn
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In the winter, our SportMixer rentals offer ski and snowboard equipment fully comparable to the Alpine countries, but at affordable prices. We offer you carving skis from current top models, through sports skis, to skis for beginners. We advise beginners and parents of their children with the rental of ski and snowboard equipment. In the summer season, we offer mountain bikes, scooters and e-bikes for individuals and large groups. We also offer downhill bikes that can be used in the vicinity of Špindlerův Mlýn and Herlíkovice. You can find our rental offices in the Krkonoše and Máchova Jezera area.

We deal with the complete organization and security of sports events, team building events, activities for sports agencies and private events. We provide a program for sports teams, schools and companies. We specialize in ski and bicycle rentals, with which we provide large sports events throughout the Czech Republic. You can rent bikes directly from us at the rental office, or we will deliver them anywhere to the agreed location.

We believe that the SportMixer price offer will save you considerable costs for the implementation of your activities and will positively appeal to you. We cooperate with various hotels and guesthouses in the Krkonoše region and Mách Lake. We will help you find a hotel or boarding house, where we will bring you sports equipment from a rental company completely free of charge.
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