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Beautiful route in the Giant Mountains - Mohyla Hanče a Vrbaty, Labská Bouda and Martinovka on cross-country skis and alpine skialpining

Get to know the Vrbatovo návrší, Pančavská louka and visit Mohyla Hanče and Vrbaty.

A great tip for cross-country skiers and skiers in the Krkonoše Mountains

Accept the invitation to a very popular day trip on cross-country skis or ski alps. Unique views of the Giant Mountains, the vast plains of Pančavská, Hančovy louky and Labské louky, but also unique views down to the foothills of the Giant Mountains, which are offered to you during this beautiful trip. The trip is only suitable for cross-country skis or ski alps.

On the route you have the option of several stops in mountain huts for rest, refreshments or you can hide here from bad weather. The route includes Vrbatova bouda, Labská bouda, Martinova bouda and Medvědí bouda.

The trip is a bit physically demanding, but it is pleasant and you will find many long descents and many beautiful views of the Giant Mountains.

A beautiful trip through the Giant Mountains on skialps or cross-country skiing, which you will definitely enjoy!

Brief description of the trip:

  • you start cross-country skiing at the lower station Medvědín - exit by cable car or ascent by the waterway
  • from the upper station of Medvědín you will descend to the Vodovodní cesta
  • you connect to the Krkonoše highway in the direction of Vrbatova bouda
  • you ascend to Vrbatova bouda and then to Mohyla Hanče and Vrbaty
  • exit to Labská bouda - refreshments, stop
  • along the slope of the Vysokého kola you descend to Martinova Bouda - refreshments, stop
  • from Martinova Bouda descent around Medvědí bouda via Dívčí lávky back to Špindlerův Mlýn

The elevation and map below present the route on cross-country skis or ski alps:
Upper station of the Medvědín cable car, Vrbatova bouda, Labská bouda, Martinova bouda, Medvědí bouda, Dívčí lávky and the center of Špindlerův Mlýn

Prevyseni bezky Medvedin Vrbatka Martinovka

Mapa bezky Vrbatka Labska bouda Martinovka

Brief route description:
The lower station of the Medvědín cable car - up by cable car or on cross-country skis - skialps along the Krkonoše highway is 4.5 km long and 400 m high.
The upper station of the Medvědín cable car = the starting point of our tour.
You set off on the waterway (950 m / 25 min) → follow the Krkonoše highway → climb in the direction of Vrbatova bouda (Medvědín - Vrbatova bouda = 4km / 1: 40h) →Mohyla Hanče and Vrbaty → Downhill along the bar markings in the direction of Labská bouda (Mohyla Hanče and Vrbaty - Labská bouda = 2,4km / 40 min) → direction Martinova bouda along the slope of Vysoké Kolo → Martinova bouda (Labská bouda - Martinova bouda 2.4 km / 40 min) → downhill Medvědí bouda (Martinova bouda - Medvědí bouda = 1,5km / 23 min) → exit to Bear's Knee (taxi, bus) → Girls' footbridges (taxi, bus) → center of Špindlerův Mlýn (
Total: Upper station of the cable car Medvědín - Vrbatova bouda - Labská bouda - Martinova bouda - Medvědí bouda - Dívčí lávky - center of Špindlerův Mlýn = 15.2 km / approx. 4: 00h.

Labská louka

Total length and duration: 15.2 km / approx. 4: 00h (Upper station of the cable car Medvědín - Vrbatova bouda - Labská bouda - Martinova bouda - Medvědí bouda - Dívčí lávky - center of Špindlerův Mlýn)
Elevation gain: ascent ↑ 308m, descent ↓ 813 m
Difficulty: 3/5 medium
Refreshments on the route: YES - Restaurant Medvědín 1235m, Vrbatova bouda, Labská bouda, Martinovka, Medvědí bouda, Restaurant Myslivna, Srub u Medvědína
Hike with children: YES
Cross-country skiing and skialps: YES
Pedestrian: not suitable - not recommended


  • MOUNTAIN SERVICE - TEL +420 1210


Before the trip, stop at our Infocentre in the center of Špindlerův Mlýn - HERE and buy a card. They will make your trip easier and we will be happy to advise you on further details of this trip. The paper card is not discharged and the signal is not lost.

Current weather on the ridges of the Giant Mountains for this trip:
Online webcam Vrbatova Bouda - direction Kotel HERE
Online webcam Labský důl - HERE
Online webcam Labská bouda - HERE

You can find the weather forecast HERE. The weather in the mountains is changing every moment, don't underestimate this fact.
Please note that this route is only suitable for cross-country skiing or SkiAlpining. We do not recommend this hike in winter!

If the weather is bad, remember that you have seven options for refreshments or stops along the way: Restaurant Medvědín 1235 m, Vrbatova bouda, Labská bouda, Martinova bouda and Medvědí bouda:

Detailed route description

The ride begins at the lower station of the Medvědín cable car. It's up to you whether you take the cable car or the Krkonoše highway to Horní Mísečky. Accept the fact that a 7.2 km route awaits you from the lower station of Medvědín to Vrbatova bouda, a height difference of 640 m. This part of the route takes 3:15 minutes. We will choose the cable car to Medvědín.

After exiting the cable car, descend about 950 m along Vodovodní cesta, where you connect the hill to the Krkonoše highway in the direction of Vrbatova bouda. Now you have a more challenging ascent with a difference in altitude of 240 m, a length of approx. 3 km and a duration of approx. 1:15 h to Vrbatova bouda. Please note in advance that this trip from this part - from Vrbatova bouda to Labská bouda and beyond - is by no means suitable for hiking. It is only suitable for cross-country skiers or ski mountaineers.

A few tens of meters from Vrbatova bouda is the Mohyla of Master Hanč and Vrbata as a silent reminder of the tragic event of two friends who died in these places from exhaustion in a snow storm. From Mohyla Hanče and Vrbata you descend along the bar markings, pass the Hanč monument and continue via Pančavská louka to Labská bouda.

Be extremely careful in these locations when there is fog and poor visibility. As has been the case several times, there is a high risk of falling into the Elbe mine. Be extra careful and always follow the markings on the bars. You walk along the edge of the Elbe mine, where snow slopes form in winter, which can easily break off when you leave the marked route.

Winter trip to Pančavský waterfall

Yes, you are just passing the Pančavský waterfall. Unfortunately, it hides under a crust of ice and snow for most of the winter. If you would like to take a winter trip to Pančavský waterfall just because you see Pančavský waterfall, this is not the best idea in the winter season. You can see in our Photo Gallery.

You are at Labská bouda and you enjoy a well-deserved rest and refreshment. The current weather at Labská bouda on online webcams is available HERE and HERE.

Winter trip to the source of the Labe

If you have time, you can take a short winter trip to the source of the Labe. The popular Labe source is only 1 km away from the Labe Bouda - one way. But in advance we want to discourage you from a winter trip to the Labe source. There is 1.5 - 2 m of snow at the Labe Source in winter and in most of the winter only a part of the Labe source signpost is visible. The Labe spring itself is hidden under lots of snow in winter.

You set off in rest and under Labská bouda you follow the green route in the direction of Martinova bouda. You follow the Vysoká kola slope. Again, be careful and respect any warnings and cautions from the Mountain Service. You go down to Martinova Bouda. Did you know that Martina Navrátilová spent her childhood here? It got its first name just after Martinova Bouda. A 1.5 km descent awaits you to Medvědí bouda and again you go down the hill 2 km to Medvědí kneena. Welcome to civilization!
If you are very tired, there is a bus stop at Špindlerův bouda in Medvědí koleno, or you can call GoTAXI here - contact HERE.

However, we continue in the direction of Dívčí lávky along the blue - here is another bus stop to Špindlerův Mlýn. On Dívčí lávky, turn green on the right in the direction of the Myslivna restaurant. You are in a nice place where the confluence of the Labe and the Bílé Labe. Spindleruv Mlyn is only 2 km away.

You have a beautiful day trip on cross-country skis or ski alps along the ridges of the Giant Mountains. You had the opportunity to see the Mohyla Hanče and Vrbata , visit the controversial building - the hotel - Labská bouda and get to know Martinova bouda - the birthplace of Martina Navrátilová. Above all, you got to know a beautiful part of the Giant Mountains. We believe that you are looking forward to your return here and you will repeat this tour in the summer!

© Martin Jandura -

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