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Romantic walking winter trip to the Bílé Labe waterfalls

An easy winter hiking trip to the frozen waterfalls of the Bílé Labe.

Romantic winter hike to the Bílé Labe waterfalls

A beautiful, little-known and above all undemanding romantic walk.

The whole way you will walk along the Bílé Labe, where you will pass the beautiful waterfalls of the Bílé Labe, most of which are frozen and form a unique landscape of this part of the Giant Mountains. You can make this easy and enjoyable trip even with young children. Thanks to the small difference in altitude and the unpretentiousness, you can take your children with you on sleds throughout the winter trip.

The route is one-sided, ie. When you reach Boudě Bílé Labe, follow the same path back. However, you can always turn around on the route and return to Špindlerův Mlýn.

brief description of the trip:

  • The route starts in the center of Špindlerův Mlýn, where you head upstream of the Labe in the direction of Dívčí lávka.
  • Continue around the Myslivna restaurant, cross the road and continue in the direction of Bouda Bílé Labe.
  • Return to Špindlerův Mlýn, choose the same way back
  • At Dívčí lávky, you can take the bus back to Špindlerův Mlýn
  • If you hurry back to the center, call the Gotaxi Girls' Footbridges - Non-stop phone GoTaxi: +420 774 800 006
  • On the way back, we recommend a stop in Srub pod Medvědínem. It is obligatory to put something to warm up there!

The elevation and the map below present a one-way route: Špindlerův Mlýn náměstí - Dívčí lávky - Bílé Labe waterfalls - Bouda U Bílého Labe

Převýšení Bílé Labe

Mapa Bílé Labe pěšky - jedna cesta

Brief route description:
You leave the center of Špindlerův Mlýn upstream Modré turistické značení of the Labe → lower station cable car Medvědín po Modré turistické značení → Dívčí lávky → turn right over the Labe → restaurant Myslivna → after Modré turistické značení200 m carefully over the road → still straight on Modré turistické značení → direction Bouda bílá Labe po Modré turistické značení → snowy playground near Svoz (Špindlerův Mlýn - U svozu = 4,5 km) → (Dívčí lávky - U Svozu = 2,5 km) → Children's playground KRNAP U svozu still after  Modré turistické značení → 1,2 km = Bouda U Bílého Labe.
You return to Špindlerův Mlýn along the same route.

Total length and duration: approx. 11 km / approx. 4 h (Špindlerův Mlýn - Medvědín - Dívčí lávky - playground U svozu - Bouda U Bílého Labe - Špindlerův Mlýn center).
Elevation gain: ascent: ↑ 283 m, descent ↓ 283 m
Difficulty: 1/5 very low, suitable for small children, seniors, etc.
Refreshments on the route: YES - Restaurant Myslivna, Bouda U Bílého Labe, Srub pod Medvědínem
Strollers: NO
Suitable for wheelchairs: NO (only in summer season)
By car: not allowed - Krkonoše National Park.

Romantic winter hike to the Bílé Labe waterfalls

We present you a romantic winter trip from Špindlerův Mlýn to the Bílé Labe waterfalls. This winter trip is really very undemanding and you can do it with both children and older parents. It's a nice and romantic walk. You can walk the whole trip in 4 hours if you go to Bouda Bílého Labe. However, you can return at any part of the trip.

This winter hiking trail in Špindlerův Mlýn is not so well known and is located in a quiet location on the Bílé Labe. Here you can relax in peace and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the waterfalls on the Bílé Labe. Alternatively, on the way back to Špindlerův Mlýn you can choose a bus that stops in Dívčí lávky and takes you back to Špindlerův Mlýn. If you are in a hurry, call Gotaxi non-stop's GotTaxi phone: +420 774 800 006 - more information - GoTaxi here 

On the way back, we highly recommend a stop in Srub pod Medvědínem. It is your duty to put something to warm up there! You fully deserve it!

Include this winter trip in your program of visits to Špindlerův Mlýn and its surroundings. You will be pleasantly surprised by the winter beauty of the Bílé Labe waterfalls.

We highly recommend this route as a summer hike, where in addition to the waterfalls on the Bílé Labe, you must also visit the fence masterpiece and the Čertova strouha nature trail, where you will see 43 cascades from 1901 - 02, located near the Bouda Bílého Labe.

We believe that you will also receive this tip from us for a trip from Špindlerův Mlýn!

© Martin Jandura -

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