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White Elbe waterfalls and Devil's ditch cascades

Unique waterfalls of the White Elbe. The educational trail in Čertův důl on Čertova strouha near Bouda near Bílý Labe is now open to the public and draws attention to this historical and technical interest in an interesting way.

The unique fence work by Čertova strouha

Brief description of the trip:
The route starts in the center of Špindlerův Mlýn, you drive against the river Elbe on a hiking trail towards the cable car Medvědín, Dívčí lávky, playground KRNAP - U Svozu, Bouda U Bílého Labe, cascades and educational path Čertova strouha, Bouda U Babea. Back on the same path that is suitable for prams or wheelchairs. However, we recommend returning to Špindlerův Mlýn on the slopes of Dřevařská cesta.

Brief route description:
Center Špindlerův Mlýn →  → Dívčí Lávky → Pod Pevností →  Outdoor playground KRNAP U Svozu  → Bouda U Bílého Labe (Špindlerův Mlýn - Bouda U Bílého Labe = 5.7 km) → Čertova strouha and back
back - Bouda U Bílého Labe →  wooden road → Špindlerův Mlýn. Total 11 km (without Čertova strouha)

The difference in altitude and the map below show the route: Špindlerův Mlýn - Dívčí Lávky - Bouda U Bílého Labe and back on the sloping wooden path to Špindlerův Mlýn.
There is NO Čertova strouha in the length of 1.5 km in one direction

Total length and duration: 11 km / approx. 4 - 5 h (Špindlerův Mlýn - Bouda U Bílého Labe - Špindlerův Mlýn)
Difference in altitude: ascent: ↑ 375 m, descent ↓ 372 m
Difficulty level: 2/5 also suitable for children
Refreshments along the route: JA - Myslivna, Bouda U Bílého Labe
Walking with children: YES
Mountain bike: YES - you can lock your bike at Bouda U Bílého Labe.
Strollers: YES - only at Boudě Bílé Labe. Čertova strouha NO
Wheelchair users: YES - only to Boudě Bílé Labe. Čertova strouha NO
By car: NO


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