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Winter trip to Sněžka

We recommend a winter trip to Sněžka by cable car from Pec pod Sněžkou


If you accept our warm recommendation, plan a summer trip to Sněžka for the months of May, June, September, October.
Unfortunately, Sněžka is visited by up to 10,000 visitors in one day throughout the summer season. These are both hikers and visitors who come to Sněžka by cable car. These tourists who take the cable car to Sněžka wait at the substation in Pec pod Sněžkou before sitting in the cabin of the cable car to Sněžka and sometimes even waiting five hours in the queue for the cable car. If you do not wish to participate in these recordings, please plan a trip to Sněžka outside of the summer vacation.

However, we are now giving you a recommendation if you want to go on a trip to Sněžka in winter.

Are you planning a winter trip to Sněžka?

Yes, you can get to Sněžka even in winter. The cable car to Sněžka also has winter operation. It is also not as busy in winter as it is during the holidays. But why do we constantly recommend you to visit Sněžka by cable car in winter?

The answer is simple:
For your safety, choose the route to Sněžka in winter only by cable car
. Sněžka is characterized by its pyramid shape and the weather on Sněžka is really extreme. Although Sněžka does not have a high altitude, the weather and temperatures on Sněžka tend to correspond to the arctic climate. The average annual temperature on Sněžka is only 0.2 degrees Celsius!
If the weather in the region is favorable for a trip to the region, this may not be the case on Sněžka. As for the location, Sněžka is whipped by incredibly strong winds. At that moment, thanks to the icy surface, Sněžka literally turns into a mountain of glass. On Sunday, February 23, 2020, a record of hurricane strength with a wind speed of 223 km / h was even set on the Polish side of Sněžka!
For these reasons, we recommend taking a winter trip from Pec pod Sněžkou to Sněžka by cable car.

Please forget about a trip to Sněžka on cross-country skis or even on a sledge in winter! Several accidents occurred in Sněžka, mainly due to the reckless behavior of visitors to the Giant Mountains who underestimated the recommendations of the mountain service.

As one of them, we mention the tragic death of two heroes - members of the Mountain Service - Mr. Štefan Spusta and Jan Messner, who set their lives to save an irresponsible tourist. Despite the warnings, he disregarded the danger of the icy Sněžka descent and slipped in smooth cross-country ski boots. He drove under the chains and fell to the Polish side of Sněžka. Unfortunately, Messrs. Spusta and Messner both tragically died in an attempt to help him. More about this tragedy HERE.
Follow the recommendations of the Mountain Service, find out the weather forecast and weather conditions. Don't overestimate your strength or take risks. The Giant Mountains are beautiful, but they can also be very dangerous.

If you are going to Sněžka by any route other than the cable car, you should consider all possible risks in advance. Find out the weather and snow conditions. Appropriate clothing and quality shoes for this type of tour are essential. If you read about the tragedy on Sněžka here, you will understand why we are giving you these recommendations.

You will not go wrong with bringing quality non-slip shoes. They can be useful in frozen terrain. So if you are thinking about a winter trip to Sněžka, it is better to leave cross-country skiing at home.

The cable car to Sněžka can travel up to a wind speed of 60 kilometers per hour. The current operation of the cable car to Sněžka can be found here. Find out in advance about the operation of the cable car to Sněžka.



Good to know:

So take our tip - a winter trip to Sněžka, including useful advice from mountain guides.
We believe that you will take our advice and enjoy a walking trip to Sněžka!
The Giant Mountains and Sněžka are beautiful and we wish you many beautiful experiences from both summer and trips!


And did you know that Sněžka is NOT the highest mountain in the Czech Republic? You can read which mountain in the Giant Mountains it is here, as well as about the summer tip of the trip to Sněžka.

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