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12 TIPS - Accommodation with a dog or cat - pets in Špindlerův Mlýn

You do not have babysitting and you do not want to leave your pet, but would you like to spend your holiday in Špindlerův Mlýn - in the mountains? We have a few tips for you where you and your pet - dog or cat will be happy to accommodate you in Špindl.

We would like to inform you in advance of several of our recommendations:

  • Above all, be considerate. Both to the hotel facilities and to other hotel guests, but also to the hotel owner, who came to your aid.
  • When booking in advance, be sure to let the hotelier know that you wish to come to their pet with a pet.
  • IMPORTANT: Do this in advance, not on the spot. On our website you have direct contacts to the landlord. So there is nothing easier than to say this when booking.
  • Although the hotelier has stated on the website that he accepts pets, it always applies by prior arrangement. It could happen to you that the hotelier would not have to accommodate you and your vacation would end before it could begin.
  • Report the actual size of your pet in advance. If you write before arrival that you are taking a chihuahua-sized dog with you and you are coming with a Great Dane, then believe me, you do not have to be accommodated.
  • Don't hide the damage and report it fairly. They will be treated anyway during the cleaning. If the owner accepts pets, he suspects that this may occur. It is better to deal with this fact before your departure.
  • Do not disguise any puddles, but clean or report to the reception or maid.
  • It is good if you mark the door of your room with a sign that your pet also lives with you. The maid will lead this in sight and eliminate the flight from the room of your cat or dog around the hotel ;-)
  • Bring a few fabric blankets (such as an old blanket, sheets, etc.) with you to avoid soiling the hotel beds.
  • Do not leave your pet alone in the room if he tends to scratch the furniture or the door. The same if he demands solitude by barking.
  • Do not keep your pets secret - always report them to the property upon arrival. Yes, there is a fee for pets, but you will avoid a later unpleasant confrontation with the hotel owner.
  • Take bags of excrement for walks in Špindl but also in the mountains.
  • On walks, keep your dog on a leash. You are in the Krkonoše National Park. Do not let it scare the game, endanger children and other dog owners and run into the path of cyclists, or run around in an unfamiliar environment.
  • If you are bringing a cat on holiday, pack a potty, lumpy granulate and a sufficient number of plastic bags to carry the potty.
  • There is no special shop for animals in Špindl. The center is AsiaShop or on arrival in Spindl Norma. In Vrchlabí about 15 km there are specialized shops. Expect to.
  • Don't forget your pet's vaccination card



Veterinary clinic Vrchlabí - MVDR. Kučera & Kučerová
Pražská 1509,
543 01 Vrchlabí
Tel .: +420 499 422 315

Office hours
Mon - Fri 7:30 - 9:00 and 15:00 - 19:00
Sat closed
Sun 18:00 - 19:00

web - here
Navigation - here
GPS: 50.6152633N, 15.6061783E

Ambuvet - MVDr.Pavla Zázvorková
Českých bratří 826
543 01
Tel. +420 777 627 997 - active only during working hours!
More here:
Navigation here
GPS: 50 ° 37'15.92 "N, 15 ° 36'55.33" E


Špindl Municipal Police - tel. +420 702 088 527

Infocentrum Š - info (@)

In Spindleruv Mlyn you will find many options for accommodation with pets, a cat and a dog. Here you can find a list of hotels and pensions, apartments in Špindl. You will definitely choose!

We present here our recommended tips and recommendations of our clients. We believe that you will choose from our offer and you will be satisfied.
We kindly ask you to write us feedback about your satisfaction with your stay in the given accommodation facility after your holiday in Špindl.



APARTMENTS ASPEN - very beautiful accommodation in an apartment-type pension. Dogs are welcome for a fee. Outdoor terrace with beautiful views of Spindl and Bedrichov. More details HERE.

PENSION MINERVA - very pleasant accommodation in an apartment-type pension. Dogs are welcome for a fee. Outdoor terrace with beautiful views of Spindl. More details HERE.

HARMONY CLUB HOTEL - a popular TOP hotel in Špindl. Above-standard service and services for the demanding. Beautiful accommodation, wellness center, quality restaurant. Price for a pet 500.-CZK / night. More details HERE.

HOTEL CENTRAL - a new hotel with a quality restaurant and garden right in the center of Špindl. Your pets will stay for 500 CZK / night. More details HERE.

GRAND APARTMENTS - luxury accommodation right in the center of Spindleruv Mlyn. For a fee dogs are welcome. You can find more details HERE

HOTEL LOMNICE - stay with a dog must always be reported in advance. The fee is 170 CZK per dog per night. Please do not leave your dogs alone in the rooms. They are sad and barking. :) More details HERE.

HOTEL ADAM - wellness hotel in St. Peter. For a fee dogs are welcome. More details HERE.

HOTEL ASTRA - wellness hotel in Bedřichov. The fee for a dog is 300 CZK / night. You can find more details HERE.

HOTEL LENKA - hotel in the Sv.Petr Ski Resort, pleasant environment. For a fee dogs are welcome. You can find more details HERE.

HOTEL JELÍNEK - a nice hotel in the center, where they will be happy to accommodate you with your dog. You can find more details HERE.

HOTEL AQUPARK ŠPINDL - Your children can play in the Aquapark and your dog will be happy to accommodate your dog in the Aquapark Hotel as well. You can find more details HERE.

HOTEL DIANA - beautiful accommodation in a stylish hotel near the Aqaupark and the Medvědín cable car. For a fee dogs are welcome. You can find more details HERE



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