Webcam Pláň - Špindlerův Mlýn 1198 m n.m.

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The webcam Pláň - Špindlerův Mlýn offers you a unique view of the Giant Mountains and the Špindlerův Mlýn valley.

On-line webcam Pláň - Špindlerův Mlýn | Giant Mountains

Webcam Na Pláň ve Svatém Petru is one of the most popular webcams today.

On the far left of the picture you can see Horní Mísečky, where the Horní Mísečky Ski Resort is also located on the Horní Mísečky cross-country ski run.
Above the Horní Mísečky, is the Golden Hill, Vrbatova bouda and Mohyla Hanče a Vrbaty.

Further on the horizon you can see Violík (1472 m above sea level), Vysoké kolo (1509 m above sea level), Velký Šišák (1410 m above sea level), Mužské a Dívčí kameny (1417 m above sea level).

From the mountain huts you can see, for example, Brádlerova bouda - where the webcam is Brádlerova bouda, Dvořákova and Moravská bouda, also with the webcam Dvořákova bouda

You can see for yourself how these webcams "see" each other.

Behind the column of the cable car on the background of the painting you can also see the newly built Petrova bouda.

In the middle of the picture you can see the slopes and the cable car of the Medvědín Ski Resort, where our webcam Medvědín is also located.

Directly in front of you on the left side begins the Blue Slope, suitable for beginners. In the middle of the picture in front of you is the start of the Red FIS piste. You can drive to the Černá piste around the Na Pláni Restaurant to the right.

On-line Webcam Pláň is located at the top station of the cable car Na Pláni at an altitude of 1198 m.

This stunning view will come true when you enjoy a drink or light snack on the terrace of the Na Pláni Restaurant before your hike or skiing break.

Webcam Na Pláni is a great helper when watching the weather.

Thanks to the Pláň webcam, you can watch snow conditions in Medvědín online, or the weather before your hike.

... via webcam Na Pláni you can also see online whether the heated indoor six - seater cable car " innogy line Svatý Petr " is in operation.

Yes, you can currently see whether the Na Pláň cable car is in operation, because sometimes due to a strong gusting wind, the Na Plán cable car is out of operation.

Svatý Petr ski resort offers you unique conditions for skiing - more HERE

The Na Pláni upper station is also an ideal starting point for your summer and winter hikes in the Giant Mountains.

... and don't forget ...

To make skiing as comfortable and cheapest as possible, we strongly recommend that you buy Chytrou sezonku - more here

Webcam Na Pláni ve Svatý Petr has the location HERE at this place.

Webcam Na Pláni - Svatý Petr has to reload image every minute.

Thank you Melida for your kind permission to place the webcam Na Pláni in this great location.
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