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Webcam Sněžka - 1603 m n. m. - Studniční mt.

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From this online webcam Sněžka you have a unique view from Sněžka to Studniční hora and Krkonoše!


On-line Webcam Sněžka - 1603 m asl | direction Studniční hora Giant Mountains
Looking from Sněžka from this webcam in front of you you can see Studniční hora, which with its 1554 m.n. is the third highest mountain in the Czech Republic.
In the right part of the horizon of the picture you can see the highest mountain in the Czech Republic - Luční hora with its 1555 m above sea level.

About in the middle of the right part of the picture of this online webcam - Sněžka - you see Luční bouda, where there are two more webcams: webcam with a view of Luční bouda and webcam Luční bouda - direction Sněžka.
On the full right edge of the image you can see Medvědín, where our next Webcam Medvědín is located.

All three of these webcams are basically uniquely " seen " on each other! Make sure!

The on-line Webcam Sněžka serves both tourists, the general public and, for example, the Mountain Service to monitor the current weather in the Giant Mountains.
This webcam refreshes the image every 60 seconds.

We believe that the Sněžka webcam will be a benefit for you as well.

Webcam Sněžka - Humlnet
The link to this online webcam on Sněžka was provided by the company HD internet - Humlnet. Many thanks to them for a nice cooperation!

Explanation why Sněžka is not the highest peak in the Czech Republic:
We should therefore correctly say that Sněžka is the highest point in the Czech Republic. The highest hill in the Czech Republic itself is therefore Luční hora.

We quote: “The highest point itself, which is located 1,603 meters above sea level, lies about half a meter beyond our state border, ie on Polish territory. We should therefore correctly say that Sněžka is the highest point in the Czech Republic. The highest hill in itself is actually Luční hora, "says Radek Drahný from the Krkonoše National Park Administration.

The highest point in the Czech lands is about 10 cm lower, which still guarantees Sněžka the status of the highest mountain in our country.

Did you know that from 1928 until the end of the 1950s, an extreme giant slalom was regularly ridden from Studniční hora to Obří důl every year (with a break from the Second World War) - more information HERE
"The first year took place in 1928 and was named the May Ski Race. However, the first attempts date back to the 26th year. It was actually a social event of the German mountaineers. Initially, it was organized by the German Ski Association - HDW. After a few years, people from the Czech Ski Association also joined. One of the most famous years, from 1935 to 1938, was attended by a number of ski aces from all over Europe "says Pavel Klimeš, an expert on the Giant Mountains.
" The races in Obří důl were comparable to the races in the Alps, "added Valerian Spusta, a longtime member of the Krkonoše Mountain Service and an avalanche-based avalanche specialist.

In 1960, the Krkonoše National Park was declared and this corner of the Krkonoše Mountains became taboo for tourists and skiers. At present, there is a ban on entry from the KRNAP administration even in the winter months. Downhill on strictly protected meadows is strictly forbidden and severely fined.
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