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Majestic view from Luční bouda to Sněžka ... Yes, Sněžka is really beautiful and dignified ...

WEBCAM - LUČNÍ BOUDA - KRKONOŠE - direction Sněžka

In the image of webcam Luční bouda you can see in addition to Sněžka in front of you also the unique Úpské rašeliniště.

The Úpské peat bog is one of the most naturally valuable parts of the Giant Mountains and an important hydrological area. The rivers Úpa and Bílá Labe originate here.


Webcam Luční bouda is located on Luční bouda at an altitude of 1410 m.n.m. The view of this webcam is directed to Sněžka (1603 m.n.m.)

For 300 years, Luční bouda has been providing shelter and safety. Luční bouda is also one of the highest mountain huts in Central Europe - at an altitude of 1410 m above sea level.

We believe that you too will honor Luční bouda with your visit and you will be satisfied with its great services and service!

A TIP for a winter trip to Luční bouda from Špindlerův Mlýn is available here and we will be happy if it comes in handy and will be useful. You can have a summer trip from Špindlerův Mlýn to Luční bouda here.

Our other partner webcam company Humlnet is located on Sněžka - webcam Sněžka - here

You can see for yourself how these webcams "see" each other.

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