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The Labský důl webcam presents a unique view of the Labský důl valley.


The Labský důl webcam offers a view from the terrace of Labská bouda into the unique Labský důl valley.

The Labský důl webcam is located on Labská bouda.

Stay at the source of the Elbe at Labská bouda at an altitude of 1340 m. Enjoy the experience, the silence, the romance and the beautiful view!

Labský důl stretches about 8 km from Dívčí lávky to Labská pit below Labská bouda. The Elbe Valley, which rises in the Elbe Meadow above the Elbe Tower, merges with the beautiful Elbe Valley. From the Ambrožův vyhlídka you can see its beautiful meanders from above.

Directly in front of you on the webcam picture you can see the ridge of the Krkonoše Mountains Vrbatovo návrší (1412 m above sea level) with the Mound of Hanč and Vrbata and Zlatý návrší.

On the left side below the picture you can see Medvědín and behind Medvědín the peaks of the ski resort Svatý Petr.

On the right side of the Labský důl is the Ambrožova vyhlídka (Ambrožova vyhlídka) about 1 km from Labská bouda and a kilometer further the highest waterfall in the Czech Republic - the Pančavský waterfall. It cascades down into the Labský Důl from a height of 148 m.

Neither Ambrožova vyhlídka nor Pančavský vodopád is fully visible on the webcam, both of them are hidden behind the edge of the Labský důl. However, the steep cliffs of the Labský důl cannot be overlooked, which are accessible for ice climbing in the winter season on the basis of a permit issued by the KRNAP Administration in designated areas of the Labský důl.


For ice climbing in the Labský důl you must have a reservation and a permit from the KRNAP Administration. All the rules for ice climbing in Labský důl can be found HERE.

We have a webcam at the top station of the Svatý Petr Ski Resort - this webcam will also be able to see the Labská bouda. See how these webcams "see" each other.

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