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You can see a beautiful view from Portášek from this webcam.

Webcams Giant Mountains - Webcam Portášky - 1050 m.n.

Webcam Portášky located directly on the ski slope Portášky at an altitude of 1050 m above sea level. at the mountain cottage Portášky (Portášovy boudy).

Portášky lies north of Velká Úpa, which is part of Pec pod Sněžkou, and west of Pěnkavčí vrch.

A chairlift from Velká Úpa leads to Portášovy boudy.

Near the final station of the cable car is Horská chata Portášky, which is open all year round.

In the image of the Portášky webcam you can see the Portášky ski slope, part of Velká Úpa, the Úpa valley and also a part of Javor.


The location and location of this online Webcam - Portášky is located HERE

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